1. I love McDonald’s but like a once in a while guilty pleasure. Ironically, I associate McDonald’s with an alcohol binge. By binge I mean – max a bottle of wine (I am old). These binges happen once in 6 months and then I regret it for 5 months after. 🙈

    I love the entire vogue style description of meeting Aphrodite. It sounds so so perfect. Would Aphrodite indulge in McDonald’s? Maybe if it was beautified and served on a gold platter instead of the take out boxes? 😁

    1. Omg this commentary is so fun! First I love that your McDonalds association is with alcohol and regret because that does line up with how I feel about it, it’s kind of like this dark thing for most of us, but also a fun treat. What is your favorite McDonakds order? I love quarter pounders but can’t eat them anymore bc they hurt my stomach ha! So I get a cheeseburger and fries and coke, yum! I also LOVE the idea of the gold platter yes! And flowers all around! 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

  2. This is fabulous! Like a perfect masters thesis on women and our messed up food relationship and other issues that skew into addiction.

    If you have Apple TV I recommend checking out Physical. Parts of this made me think of the female lead’s inner dialogue and food issues.

  3. OMG, we are goddess sisters! Don’t even try to get between me and Mickey D’s Filet-o-Fish sandwich and french fries when I get my occasional craving for this greasy comfort food. I don’t do it often, but when I crave I am a maniac about it. Step aside, people.

  4. Aphrodite would totally indulge and not feel guilty about it! And I would have to agree! I LOVEEEEE McDonald’s fries… LIKE I WANNA MARRY IT LOL…. (I especially love when they are fresh and warm and I close the McDs bag so they can get a bit limp LOL)… and can we mention how important (IMPORTANT) the salt is?? Once I was served them fries without salt… I was sooooooooo annoyed… you know when you wait and wait and wait for something for so long and finally you get some and you can’t wait to just dig in ONLY TO FIND IT IS SALTLESS?? It was like a gut punch if I ever felt one!

    (No guilt here lol but surely can’t have that everyday!)

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