1. I think expressing emotions comes easier for guys as we get older. When you’re younger, I think you tend to worry what everybody else thinks about you too much. As I’ve gotten older, It’s far less important and in that respect I can be myself much more easily. Good post, Libby!

    1. That’s good to hear, I think that’s been true for my father, although I see him struggle with it at times. But yes, I think that’s the key, he just cares less about it now. I spoke to my young male friend the other day and was telling him how I had been crying all day 😭 and he expressed he was kind of jealous because he said he could cry about 15 different things right now if he let himself. And he was alone in his apartment so no one would’ve known. But he said he remembers so many times being at funerals and wanting to cry and using all of his energy not to, saying to himself “don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry.” And yes that’s just heartbreaking. That’s something women almost never think about or have to deal with. I’m glad you’re relatively free from that now!

  2. Setting boundaries and saying no – definitely makes me feel powerful. It also means that I’m breaking out of the shackles of guilt that women are so often made to feel when we set boundaries.
    I also feel powerful when I make a decision and stick to it. I suck at making a choice (Libra trait I think) – I keep trying to balance the two sides and get so confused. But when I make a decision – it makes me feel powerful.

    1. Wait did I know you were a Libra? I’m sure I asked you, but I guess I forgot! But yes, that’s DEF a Libra trait. In some ways it’s amazing because you can see all sides of an argument neutrally (I’m incapable of that 🤣) but yes it can be tricky when it’s time to make a decision. And yes to boundaries! I love how they make u feel powerful and that you don’t have to wrestle with the guilt very much yes!!!! 💖🌺☺️

  3. I’ve not had issues with many of these instances other than in a work-setting (luckily or unluckily). I’ve had to unlearn after years of feeling like if I expressed any form of emotion at work then that meant I was weak or power was taken from me (that I couldn’t handle the job). That feeling strips you of your confidence and makes you feel ashamed for even feeling anything but your true emotions at that moment (frustration, anger, confusion, etc). It took leaving that particular job, and a few other bosses thereafter for me to relearn that displaying emotions and communicating is the best way to move forward and help yourself (in the work-setting). Through that, I also learned how to set boundaries between what I can/should do with what I can/shouldn’t have to do (especially because someone doesn’t want to learn how to do).

  4. Setting boundaries and saying NO have been huge power-boosters for me in midlife. So liberating. Vulnerability is something I struggle with IRL relationships, but have gotten better with being vulnerable in my writing. Odd that I’m more comfortable with strangers in cyberspace than I am 1:1 with someone I care about. It’s a journey…

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