1. This was quite the read. I imagine it must be interesting to receive prophecies like that. To answer your first question, no, I have never received a prophecy and I’m not so sure I want to.

    Do I consider myself a hopeless romantic like you? Yes. I definitely do. I love that even after everything, you still believe in love.

    I have a couple of questions, if you don’t mind. You don’t have to answer either but I’d just like to know.
    How did you feel in the moment, right after the Angel Lady shared what she had to say about you?
    Also, do you think that maybe you holding on to those words, or believing what the Angel Lady said as truth sorta kinda makes those things come true?

    This was such an interesting post. Thank you for sharing. I totally enjoyed reading it. ♥️

    1. Yes I love questions and I’m happy to answer! After I heard my prophecy I felt terrible, like complete crap, and very hopeless. And yes, I’m totally open to the fact that this prophecy could be self-fulfilling. It’s weird tho because I kind of forgot about it over the years and it only recently popped into my head. But it’s also totally possible that it was sticking with my subconsciously. I definitely do think that my attitude and belief about my ability and/or deservingness to find love is negative. And I feel like I know I need to kind of retell that negative story. I just don’t know how to undo those false beliefs. Even if logically I feel lovable and see no reason why I can’t find love again. It’s just hard to see it differently it’s weird. Not sure if any of that makes sense but thank u for these questions, and for reading! Feel free to share more of your thoughts about my answers! xoxox 🌺

  2. OMG. I can totally feel the anticipation and the anxiety you must have felt waiting to be called on.
    I get what you mean about waiting and hoping for love despite being unlucky in love. Same boat. And I truly believe it will happen for both of us. ❤️

    I’m not sure how much I believe in these prophecies but India and my religion in particular is filled with people trying to tell you your future. When I was 10 years old, my family and I went to this famous temple in India. While exiting the priest (pandit in our case) was handing out one rupee coins. When it was my turn, he reached in to this drum to take out a coin and instead pulled out a ten rupees note. He looked surprised and then looked at me and said that I’ll do well in business. I don’t know what his basis was for that prediction but without actually consciously working towards it, here I am in business and hoping I do well. 🙈
    Three years back my dad went to see a renowned pandit to find out why I wasn’t getting married (28 and unmarried – Indian parent’s woes). He told my dad that he saw a late marriage in the my cards. Oh well 🤷
    Do I believe in these predictions? I don’t. But I think they give people hope so… I guess that’s nice.

    I have to say this – your positivity and hope towards finding love, gives me hope. ☺️

    1. ❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹 Yes, we seem to be on similar paths as always. I definitely identify with a “late bloomer” life timeline as well. And I know, I definitely take prophecies with a grain of salt. Because I’ve also had many prophecies that were just plain wrong and didn’t come true. (Your business prophecy seems to be manifesting for u!!! 💰) In the end, it’s about me and the choices I make and having faith and trusting. And I’m just gonna keep going until I land on love. Because I want it and I do know I deserve it. And of course I KNOW u do too and will find it! But for women like us, it seems like we might be meant to be with someone a bit different, someone who’s really his own person, someone who can really celebrate our 🔥 and someone who we can really admire also and not get bored with. And that might just take longer than what society tells us is normal. Is this sounding accurate?

  3. Not sure if you’ve ever heard of or seen the film Romancing The Stone. The line about being a hopeful romantic was spoken by the leading lady who was portrayed by Kathleen Turner.

    If you haven’t seen it, I recommend you try to. At the time it was released, I also kind of started applying that moniker to myself. It helped and may have even been partially true for a while.

    Now, of course, I am long past that stage of my life. Oddly, though, recently (like last night) I did finally admit to myself that I missed the company of a man. Not sure how I feel about that or the thought I had to go with it that I starting to feel again like I did at that time, when I was a single professional woman approaching my thirties.

    I know I’ve been fortunate to have been through a marriage and raised a family who are now a big part of the my starting to grow again backbone. Given how difficult my divorce and life in general have recently been, I’m kind of asking myself why I would even want to consider having a man in my life again, especially now at this point.

    1. Oh thank you for sharing this, and I’m so sorry about your divorce. It’s crazy how going through something like that can really change our perspective on EVERYTHING! And while I do still feel like I’m a romantic, I have to say that I’m definitely LESS of a cheesy romantic than ever before, and that’s definitely a result of the breakup. I only saw that movie once long ago! Can you share the gist of her line about being a hopeless romantic? Now I’m curious and I may not watch the movie right away but would love to know. Thank you for sharing I really appreciate it. 💖

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