[“Found Art” is a term that I think I am making up. I have my own definition for it, which I will detail below. If you google “Found Art,” nothing definitive returns. Also, this term is not to be confused with “Found Object,” which is very much an actual term used in the worlds of… Continue reading FOUND ART


[I will preface this post by saying that baths are good for detox as well, but it is important to consider the power of water flow, rather than soaking in a stagnant pool. This post is about detox showers only; and although this does not discount the healing effects of the bath, I do think… Continue reading DETOX SHOWER


I have been focusing a lot on my heart chakra lately. I do not know why, but it is almost like IT has been drawing ME, to it. I believe very deeply in the importance of the health of the heart chakra, and that many ailments and/or illnesses in this area of the body (heart,… Continue reading HEART CHAKRA


One of the many joys of living in the Philadelphia area, is the fact that I have the opportunity to easily and conveniently visit the PMA Contemporary Craft Show every fall. For those of you who are not local, or who are local but who are not familiar with the art world in any way,… Continue reading ANNUAL PMA CRAFT SHOW


I am like a hobbit in that I am very attached to my space, and hold in very high regard all the comforts of home. Hobbits, like myself, also have an aversion to disturbances. They are set in their ways, appreciate and honor the familiar, avoid conflict in general, and strive for peace, above all… Continue reading HOBBIT NOOK


If you are struggling on any level, in any capacity, with any kind of emotional disturbance; from my personal experience, yoga can help. I resisted yoga for so many years—mostly because I could not find a yoga studio that I felt safe with and connected to. If you are going to yoga class strictly for… Continue reading YOGA AND EMOTIONS


I do not even recall how I came across this photographer, but it was only recently, and definitely by accident. David Maisel, Terminal Mirage 4, 2003 I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Photography, so I have so much to say on the topic of this medium. My first thought is that everyone… Continue reading DAVID MAISEL: AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHIC PAINTINGS


I have been getting lots of feedback from the Universe lately, that I need to be a bit more positive about my future. [Feedback from the Universe, for me, often comes in the form of repeated messages from loved ones and/or acquaintances, as well as repeated thoughts in my mind, that, at any time, I… Continue reading NEW MOON RITUAL


Rarely do I—the picky, perfectionistic, detail-oriented, idealistic, Virgo—discover a company that I approve of on all levels. But I think I might have found one, for the time being anyway, and I want to spread the word about why I love them so much. They are not paying me, and they do not know who… Continue reading BEAUTY PRODUCT OBSESSION


For all of my nature-loving, fairy-worshipping, earthly Virgo ways, I actually have a terribly un-green thumb. The opposite of green on the color wheel is red, so let us say that I have a red thumb. Any form of gardening stirs my anxiety, and I honor and respect anyone who is able to plant seeds,… Continue reading GET YOURSELF A POTHOS PLANT