21 thoughts on “WHY I HATE BEING A WOMAN”

  1. Such a great post, Kathy! I found myself nodding along as I read through it. In my teens, puberty made me want to not be a woman. In my twenties – being inappropriately touched, being judged on how I looked, being thought less of in comparison to my male colleagues – all made me wish I wasn’t a woman. Now 31, I love that I’m a woman – a woman that doesn’t do as mandated by society or religion and lives life to the fullest. I think I was born a woman to help free the women in my life from the shackles of society mandated rules.
    Again, such a thought provoking and relatable post.👏

    1. Thank you! I’m happy and sad that you could relate. Hopefully, we can support younger women/girl children so they won’t be able to relate 😉

  2. Libby, thank you so much for providing a space for my real and raw thoughts. All of this is something I’ve been pondering for so long, so when I saw your call for all the goddesses, I was READY!

    Much light and love to you for this curation <3

  3. Speak. This. Truth.
    Libby, I always enjoy your collections of guest posts. Insightful and powerful contributions that are relatable and thought-provoking. Thank you for spreading Goddess light and energy through these posts.

    Kathy, of course, you’ve raised the bar! Talk about words speaking to you…damn. Religion bullshit…cooking bullshit…auntie bullshit…sexual bullshit…body bullshit…so much bullshit to wade through to get to a place of confidence, self-love, and power.

    I love this: “I was born to be a communicator. That is my gift. I can provide language to myself by using the written word to process life, or I can share it with friends, family, and society by providing words to shift how we function in the world with one another. I am a writer, who can offer a different perspective of life. This is a creative responsibility I take seriously. It is how I return my gift to the world.” Shift. Thank you!

    1. Ironically, my mantra for 2022 is I’m not with the bullshits! I’m done. I’m out. Ya’ll can have it. I’m not playing these reindeer games anymore lol

      Thanks for your affirming comment, Natalie <3

  4. Such a powerful post by Kathy. I love how she speaks the truths of so many of us. I’ve found myself sharing these same sentiments. As I’ve become a married mother of one, I’ve noticed more and more how differently women (especially mothers) are treated vs. their male (father) counterparts. Women are naturally held to a very high standard of working, mothering, cleaning, cooking, maintaining family calendars and household chores… and if any of these things are done at a subpar level there’s either guilt on the women’s part or others tend to judge them… but all men are expected to do is work. Just work. Men are only ever asked about their work or sports… whereas, Kathy points out so poignantly, women are often asked about “women’s work” cooking… it can be infuriating…

    1. Sooooo ridiculous. And also men are often rewarded for doing any kind of “women’s work” I’m glad more women are releasing their JUSTIFIED anger about it, until we all get on the same page 💪💪🏻💪🏼💪🏽💪🏾💪🏿

    2. Thank you! You’re exactly right about the differing roles and expectations. I remember I posted that my husband took the kids to school on the first day, and my social media page EXPLODED! I was like what is this? Isn’t this what a parent is supposed to do?

      Anywho, we are here so we can do better and differently.

  5. So many layers to this essay Dr. G!

    A true rhythm and flow to both your life and self-discovery.

    ONE OF MY FAVS . for so many reasons:

    “Oh no! Who taught you how to cook?” she asked.

    This is why ^ I married a man who could cook. Because I was too busy studying and growing and LIVING to learn how to cook.

    And the other Aha moment (I had many) reading your words is how often I have said out loud to John and to my mom and to anyone who would listen .. in the past decade is how much I hated the ‘trappings’ of being a woman. How speaking up came across as HARSH and telling the truth HURT people.

    And then one day I woke up .. GREW UP.. and realized that the only relationships worth having (including the one with myself) were the ones that could handle the POWER OF A WOMAN

    You Dr. G remind me of this DAILY


    1. Thank you, Dr. D! And thank you for taking the time to read this. Isn’t that a bit insane, that “how did you learn to cook?” would be the first thought to pop into someone’s mind? lol

      I’m glad you called them “trappings,” because that’s what they are. Dwight and I have this ongoing conversation about why, when some women feel liberated, the first thing they tend to do is expose body parts. I’ve been trying to explain to him that for many women, we’ve been taught to cover up so as not to excite men, be looked at as a whore, anger “god,” and so on and so on. You know I could go on, so I’ll stop here, and say thanks again for this comment <3

    1. Thank you, although this was a guest post by K E Garland, and not myself. I’m so glad you enjoyed this, even though I’m sorry you haven’t been enjoying my original posts as much. But I really appreciate the feedback and thanks again for reading! ☺️

    2. Thank you, Ann! I poured my entire womanly heart out into this one. It’s like I was waiting for Libby to put this call out into the world 😉

  6. I really love this essay. You have such a way of bringing all these vignettes to life and connecting them. Amazing how you were able to take all these negative experiences and craft a life that focuses on your talents as a communicator, as a spiritual being, etc. on your own terms. And that last line was so powerful!

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